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Heart-of-the-Mountain Music Studio
2320 Steppe Drive
Longmont, CO 80504
Phone: 303-776-2500
Blog: http://hommusic.blogspot.com/
Email: info@HomMusic.com

Welcome to Heart-of-the-Mountain Music Studio.
A place to discover the joy of piano and more.

Music plays an important role in the social, educational and spiritual development of all generations. With this awareness, the training of musicians plays a vital role in the development and growth of our future communities.

Michele’s students are inspired to develop a life-long love of music and to discover joy and self-expression through the study of music. Students are encouraged to achieve excellence as they participate in thoughtfully prepared lessons. Music is selected to cater to individual learning styles, skill levels, and needs.

An important element of the private lesson is developing skills for practice at home. Therefore, private lessons are 45 to 60 minutes giving each student the time to learn technical skills and explore practice approaches that best meet the demands of the repertoire. Once the student experiences the correct execution of the technique and is equipped with good practice choices, he/she gains confidence in achieving goals in their practice at home. At the studio, students are led to discover theoretical terms and concepts contained in the music. This understanding is reinforced through weekly written assignments and group lesson activities. The 60-minute weekly group lesson also provides students with performance opportunities, development of ear training skills, camaraderie and peer support.

Thank you for visiting Heart-of-the-Mountain Music Studio. To learn more about Michele and the studio please visit her bio, studio policy, and classes offered tabs. For seasonal discounts, schedules, and information please visit the blog at http://hommusic.blogspot.com/ . For questions or interest contact – info@Hommusic.com.

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