Success at the piano involves years of study. Team work involving the teacher, the student and the parent is essential to this process.

Responsibility of Teacher

  • Thoughtfully planned lessons for each student’s learning style
  • Clear verbal and written assignments for guidance at home
  • Positive coaching and goal setting
  • Encouraging, caring and patient attitude
  • Inspire high expectations in students
  • Provide opportunities for performance through group experiences, recitals and community outreach
  • Provide quarterly evaluations of student progress with parent

Responsibility of Student

  • Meet weekly practice goals and written theory assignments
  • Strive for high quality results
  • Listen and remain engaged while practicing
  • Learn to practice toward goals and not by number of minutes only
  • Be willing to work hard, struggle and find joy in practice
  • Be determined to meet challenges
  • Realize the study of piano will take many years to master

Responsibility of Parent

  • Provide an acoustic piano or full-size, weighted-key electric keyboard with pedal
  • Maintain acoustic piano – yearly tuning or other technical work needed to keep the instrument working properly
  • Provide a pleasant space with good lighting and proper seating for practice to occur
  • Give positive encouragement and support student performance opportunities
  • Assist student with meeting home practice schedule and goals
  • Communicate with teacher about assignments and weekly goals – strongly encouraged to observe the private lesson to be engaged with weekly assignments.